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Are you searching for a punctual, trustworthy, and reasonably priced mover? A top-notch long distance moving company will make all the difference whether you are getting ready for a fast residential transfer simply across state lines or you need to go across multiple states for a thorough corporate move for dozens of employees. 

A competent moving company should be registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT), have a solid track record with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and give various sorts of estimates (FMCSA). Call Us Now to speak with a helpful moving consultant who can help you with your future move.

Long Distance Moving

Planning to move to a different state or city for your office or corporate business location doesn't have to be stressful or expensive.

Local Moving

Theoretically, intrastate or local moves might be a little less stressful than long-distance or cross-country moves.

Company Moving

Moving Company USA is aware that a long-distance company move entails more than simply relocating the office equipment and supplies of your staff to a different location across the state.

Moving and Storage

Getting ready for the meticulously planned cross-state corporate relocation? Are you in need of help with your last-minute arrangements to move your household across state lines?

Car Shipping

If you are in the process of relocating, whether for reasons related to your career or your personal life, you should seriously consider bringing your vehicle with you.

Cross-Country Residential, Commercial
& Corporate Movers

Residential moving companies that cross state boundaries often limit their activities to a single, predetermined zone, and their rates are naturally based on an hourly basis rather than being fixed. Additionally, they are skilled in domestic moving tasks including the packing and unpacking of bulky furniture, delicate china, musical instruments, rugs, and other delicate items.

On the other hand, corporate movers are able to relocate a full building, regardless of how many employees need to have their offices and workplaces moved. Office supplies, warehouse equipment, and other such small- or medium-sized business belongings are also good candidates for full or partial relocation by commercial movers.

Given the nature of the things that need to be transported and clients' desire to immediately continue their business, corporate and commercial movers typically have very quick turnaround times. In addition to more sophisticated packing materials and organizational support, corporate movers also offer full assembly and disassembly services for workplace equipment, including office supplies and gadgets.

What To Expect From Us

  • We provide price quotes from a variety of cross-country moving firms so you are not forced to choose the first business that appears online. In an effort to acquire the greatest service for your money, make sure you compare at least two or three different businesses. Obtaining many moving quotes from several movers may also result in some businesses attempting to match the lowest quote they have previously provided you. Other movers can offer you supplemental services in an effort to get your business.
  • We can point you in the direction of the finest interstate movers who have earned glowing recommendations from previous clients, insurance brokers, and reputable accreditation organizations. By doing this, you can be certain that the businesses you work with are 100 percent trustworthy, have a sterling reputation, and provide the best possible customer service.
  • The online reviews and ratings you may find on our site should reveal any issues that previous customers may have made about a specific mover. A moving business may appear and sound ideal on paper, but it is possible that one or more past customers have complained about it for one reason or another. Our objective is to steer you clear of moving companies with poor web reputations and introduce you to the most trustworthy and honest reviews possible.

We provide a broad range of high-quality moving services, including local, long-distance, residential, commercial, storage, and corporate moving services, as a leading long-distance moving company. You should be given the option of basic liability insurance or comprehensive moving insurance, as well as partial or complete packing services.

Let our expert Moving Consultant assist you in organizing the most cost-effective interstate relocation imaginable! Contact us now.


How do moving companies work?

In general, a moving company provides clients in need of moving assistance with a variety of professional home and office relocation services, such as expert packing services, heavy lifting, bulky furniture disassembling and loading, temporary storage options, and item relocation using top-tier moving trucks and van lines. Once the residential, business, or corporate move is complete, the moving firm will bill the owner, tenant, or corporate representative for the services.

How long will the movers take to move my belongings?

It depends on how far you plan on moving. For example, if you are moving to a nearby city or a neighbouring state, your items will likely be delivered in one to seven days from the previously agreed moving date. Provided you are moving long-distance, the delivery should take between two and twenty-two days, on average. If you have any special requests concerning the delivery time, feel free to have them discussed with your moving manager.

When is the best time to book a move with a long-distance moving company?

Usually, the sooner, the better, with four to eight weeks as an ideal time for the move to be planned and organized the right way. For a more complex corporate move for several employees at a time, you may need to plan your move even more in advance.

Is it more affordable to hire a mover during the week?

It will normally cost less to hire a moving company during the week compared to weekends and national holidays since you can avoid peak times when movers’ prices will also go up. Summertime is also considered a more expensive time to move, as most truck renters and moving companies will charge you more.

Should I feed movers?

Usually, you could consider offering mover food provided it will take them longer than 5 to 5 hours to load all your boxes in the vans. Provided they start early in the day, their work will most likely run into lunchtime. You can either let them go eat lunch somewhere else or order pizza at your location. Either way, make sure they get the break they deserve.

What will movers move first?

It is best to have your heavy, bulky belongings prepared for the moving trucks first. If you need help with disassembling and adding extra padding to your furniture or kitchen appliances, ask the movers to handle everything for you. These items will be normally placed all the way in the back of the moving vans, set against the wall that is in the proximity of the cab.

Should you hire a moving company or rent a truck?

Hiring expert movers to handle your local or long-distance relocation will not trigger any risks associated with renting and driving a truck on your own. As expected, opting for a self-pack moving company will normally cost a little less compared to hiring a full-service moving company, and more than renting a truck.

How long do the best interstate movers take to relocate my stuff?

On average, the best interstate moving companies will take anywhere between one week to several weeks, depending on whether the cargo will be directly shipped to the new address or if the items will be consolidated with the freights of other clients, with the trucks making a few additional stops on route. The time of the year scheduled for the pickup, the size of the freight, any special weather conditions, the necessary time to load the vans and the traveling distance will also directly influence the necessary time to complete an interstate move.
The best interstate moving companies use a computer-operated dispatch system that allows them to accurately program all pickup and delivery dates according to their places of origins and their final destinations. Individual shipments on each truck and the weight fo a cargo will also contribute to the scheduling and planning. The household inside a household will not usually fill a moving truck, which means the movers will usually move at least two different household shipments in the same truck. Each of the shipments will be attentively sectioned off from the rest of the cargos.

How to save money when hiring the best interstate moving companies?

You can sell your furniture and buy new replacement items once you will reach your new address. You can also hire a moving truck and ask your friends and family to help you pack and load some of your personal items that a mover will not be able to move for you. You could also borrow a van or truck from a friend or a use a self-packing container. Look for discounts from reputable interstate moving companies, compare and choose the most affordable services, use discount coupons, schedule your move during the winter and select the middle of the month for the most affordable moving prices.

How much do the best interstate movers cost?

Expect to pay around $4,900 on average for a cargo weighing 7,400 pounds, for an average travel distance of around 1,200 miles and a number of basic moving services. You could pay anywhere between $3,000 and $6,000 for a state to state move, depending on whether you plan on hiring expert movers or opting for self-packing containers.

When is the best time to move out of state?

Preferably, opt for relocation during the winter for cheaper mover prices. Also, try to avoid moving during the summer, the end of the month or the holidays at the end of the year. Mid-month moves are the most affordable types of local and interstate moves you could opt for. Talk to a few top state to state movers and ask them to quote you the most affordable prices so you can stay within the budget.

I need to change my move date. What can I do?

Immediately get in touch with the mover’s customer support or your personal moving coordinator and have them reschedule your moving dates and make all the necessary updates. Ask for a new price estimate to match your new moving requirements.

How are interstate moving determined?

Without a binding estimate, you will not be able to know the exact cost of your relocation until after all the boxes will be fully loaded in the trucks and accurately weighed. Provided you will need some additional services such as unpacking and appliance, bed or furniture installation at the new address, you can expect new expenses to be added to the invoice. Basically, the transportation charges will be calculated according to the traveling distance and the weight of the cargo, along with extra Full-Value Protection charges, temporary storage, special packing, electronics installation and fragile item packing and other services that will be charged according to specific tariff rates.

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