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Cross-country car shipping explained

If you are currently preparing to move for either personal or business reasons, you might want to think about bringing your car with you. You should do this by hiring a professional car transport company that can relocate your vehicle from your current address to the new address without any problems, damage, or hassles. Instead of worrying about transporting your priceless car, focus on packing your personal belongings as effectively as you can. The timely delivery of your vehicle into your new driveway is possible with the help of auto shipping services. Do you want to know which of the best vehicle shipping businesses you ought to choose right away? Interested in finding out more about what to anticipate from a car transport service? Continuity follows.

Why Hire Car Shipping Services

You can effectively relocate any sports car, truck, minivan, or motorcycle with the assistance of devoted auto shipping gurus that are passionate about their line of business and have a ton of practical knowledge under their belts. You will also save a lot of time and effort. The movers will meticulously track the car or truck transit around-the-clock and take all required safety precautions to guarantee the highest standards of security.

Car Shipping Prices and Auto Transport Estimates

A state-to-state mover will typically include car transport insurance coverage in their pricing quote for auto shipment. It is important to request many price quotations for car shipping from different businesses so you can compare them and choose the finest one. Remember that lengthy, tall, or exceptionally large trucks or vehicles will need special accommodations, which could raise the cost of car shipping. The final price quote of your auto shipment will also depend on the state of the vehicle that needs to be transferred. For instance, shipping an unusable automobile will cost more because it will require more effort and resources.

The final charges will also depend on the kind of car shipping you choose. For example, normal open transit will be less expensive than enclosed transportation that requires special care. Shipping over longer distances will be more expensive overall but less expensive per mile. This implies that you should be able to save more money on the service the further your automobile travels.

Top 5 Auto Transport Companies

Easy Auto Ship

This organization guarantees the shortest arrival times while charging some of the lowest fees for car shipping. The car transporter is best known for having the fastest turnaround time in the industry, and one of the reasons for their current popularity is their friendly and professional customer support service. Despite being relatively new to the industry, they are regarded as some of the best because of their additional damage protection. They typically charge $840, which is 10% less than the industry standard for transporting cars. is ten percent below the typical. They are renowned for offering affordable enclosed auto shipping prices, which can result in savings of up to $400 on a typical enclosed car transport operation. These people may be exactly what you need if you need your vintage car or vehicle moved.


This organization offers professional door-to-door delivery services as well as enclosed and expedited car shipping options. They can manage anything from autos, yachts, and motorcycles and do not demand any upfront payments or deposits. They advertise a unique Platinum Protection Plan that will help you with damage reimbursement. The business employs private agents and provides free quotations on car shipping as well as car tracking.

Sherpa Auto Transport

This company offers excellent door-to-door car shipping services, as well as free price estimates that can be found on their website. Additionally, they offer a Price Lock Promise, which is a nice touch that promises a new customer's initial cost will not change. In addition to that, the organization offers a Clean Car Guarantee, which entails providing customers with complimentary car wash services as soon as the delivery is finished.

Montway Auto Transport

Every year, this auto shipping company is reputed to transport more than 100,000 autos. Additionally, they offer their services to residents of all US states, and customers may simply communicate directly with the drivers in real-time to gain helpful details about the shipment of their car. They handle all types of car transport, including open, urgent, and enclosed, and they promise that all of their pick-up dates will be available.


This service will transport your vehicle from door to door, and they won't charge you any money up front. They handle shipments for automobiles and motorbikes and charge between $495 and $1,300 to send a sedan in an open carrier. The price range for this service is. They provide price reductions for those who are students, seniors, or employees of emergency services.

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