How are weight based quotes calculated on a long distance move?

Before the relocation begins, a mover will arrive at your house with a weight ticket of their empty vehicle to compute weight-based moves. This was recorded using a scale that was "dot certified." Your vehicle is then brought back to a weight scale and weighed once again once all of your products have been loaded aboard it. The remaining cost of the two tickets is then the client's obligation. (The distinction between the truck that is empty and the vehicle that has stuff on it.)

What is a long carry?

A long carry is a charge added by movers which signifies that the distance between where the truck is parked and the entrance point of the home is BEYOND 75 feet. Charges for this service range dramatically in pricing and is a question that should be directly asked to whichever mover you chose.

Why do movers charge for elevators? Doesn’t that make the job easier?

Common misconception. When an elevator is charged on your order (usually $75) that money goes to the movers directly for having the job take longer then it needs to. Movers are restricted with how much they can fit into the home at once when using a small or even a cargo elevator. Also someone needs to be down with the truck at all times to make sure the items are protected while the other two movers are upstairs regardless on the size of the job. Whereas on smaller first floor job or small house moves; you can use two men for labor.

Is it true only in home estimates are binding?

That is a question I am always uncomfortable answering but I just say what I have always done. In my moves, I have given the foreman (the head guy $50 per day of work, and the helpers each $30 per day of work). I also make sure to have food and drinks for them to start and finish everything with enough energy.

How much should I tip my movers?

That is a question I am always uncomfortable answering but I just say what I have always done. In my moves, I have given the foreman (the head guy $50 per day of work, and the helpers each $30 per day of work). I also make sure to have food and drinks for them to start and finish everything with enough energy.

Can I insure boxes that I pack myself?

Never ever no way no how. If you want to insure it; do not go near it. Let the movers handle it all.

What does “full professional packing” entail?

For professional packing Entails professional movers coming into your home, taking the items out of the cabinets and closets, and packing them on your behalf. This also includes but is not limited to : mattress covers, stretch wrapping of fabric furniture, and protecting any and all glass front cabinets such as curio, tv, and China cabinets. Clothing is packed either in wardrobes (local) or folded in med/lg boxes(long distance) (this is explained in a question below about wardrobes)

How do I ship my motorcycle?

With most movers, a motorcycle can be shipped very easily using a tool called “brace bars.” These are placed on the trucks “e-track” system and locks in on both points to secure the bikes not unstable during transit.

Can the mover take my plants?

No. The department of agriculture prevents household goods movers from taking any living plants on our trucks.

What is considered as a long distance move?

Any move that is farther than 50 miles away, a move to another side of the state or a move to a different state is considered as a long distance move.

Does a moving company need special license to do long distance move or an interstate move?

It depends on how far you plan on moving. For example, if you are moving to a nearby city or a neighbouring state, your items will likely be delivered in one to seven days from the previously agreed moving date. Provided you are moving long-distance, the delivery should take between two and twenty-two days, on average. If you have any special requests concerning the delivery time, feel free to have them discussed with your moving manager.

how do long distance movers charge

Usually, the sooner, the better, with four to eight weeks as an ideal time for the move to be planned and organized the right way. For a more complex corporate move for several employees at a time, you may need to plan your move even more in advance.

how much does long distance moving cost

It will normally cost less to hire a moving company during the week compared to weekends and national holidays since you can avoid peak times when movers’ prices will also go up. Summertime is also considered a more expensive time to move, as most truck renters and moving companies will charge you more.

How to choose a good long distance mover?

Usually, you could consider offering mover food provided it will take them longer than 5 to 5 hours to load all your boxes in the vans. Provided they start early in the day, their work will most likely run into lunchtime. You can either let them go eat lunch somewhere else or order pizza at your location. Either way, make sure they get the break they deserve.

What corporate move services can I hire?

An experienced corporate moving company can meet and exceed all your corporate move requirements for your upcoming employee transfers. With advanced packing and unpacking, truck loading and unloading, temporary storage, modular furniture disassembling and installing or crating services, you should be able to create the perfect moving plan with the help of your project manager.

How much does it cost to move one employee?

The rates vary from mover to mover, depending on a number of factors such as the starting point and the final destination, the volume and weight of the freight, the basic and additional services you may need, the date of the move and the list goes on.

What are capped moves?

A capped move is a special employee move that enables a transferee a set amount they can move. Any expenses above that “cap” amount will become the responsibility of the employee. The moving account manager can help the corporate company select the best services for a capped relocations so they can stay within the budget.

What are the differences between direct invoices and lump sum bills?

Direct billing turn the employer into the payer of the final corporate moving bill, whereas lump sum billing refers to the employees receiving a lump sum from the employer that will cover the moving costs, with the invoice being sent straight to the employee.

Can the movers help us set up a corporate moving plan?

Yes, professional corporate movers can assist you with corporate policy planning, capped move and lump-sum options included.

Can the movers handle my special corporate moving requests?

The best interstate moving companies we recommend for corporate moves can cover and exceed all expectations and special relocation requirements, including fully customizable services like:

  • special delivery times with expedited transit for urgent shipments
  • shuttle transportation in case overnight truck or van parking is not possible. Shuttle moving allows movers to use small trucks to collect employees’ items and goods from their homes to the local service centers, thus eliminating the need to find overnight parking solutions.
  • Crating services for moving unusual items such as sensitive items and television sets, as well as outdoor furniture disassembling that needs to be prepared for the relocation.
Is temporary storage available for corporate moves?

Yes, most movers provide temporary storage solutions that can be used by employees who need to make use of temporary housing during the relocation. The storage can run for a few days, several months or more, depending on the individual needs of the employer. Some movers rely on moving trailers that allow items to be stored straight into containers, eliminating the need for transfers.

Is portable storage possible?

Most movers provide specialized weatherproof containers made of sturdy metal that can fit into standard parking spaces, which means there is no need for additional parking spaces. Loading can also be made from the ground level.

Who handles the item packing and truck loading/unloading?

Specialized corporate movers will handle full or partial packing and unpacking services at both ends of the relocation, including truck loading and unloading of all heavy and bulky boxes. All the moving technicians you will work with have undergone industry testing and certification and their backgrounds have been thoroughly checked.

Can cars be shipped together with household goods during corporate moves?

Some movers also specialize in car shipping services, while others partner up with companies that offer these services. You will usually see these services listed along with the rest of the regular moving services and options, so you will not have to deal with several providers at the same time.