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A local (intrastate) move may be less stressful than a long-distance or international move. Still, there are many things to plan and do. From packing fragile or bulky objects to pricey equipment and appliances to disassembling antique furniture to relocating with pets, there are lots of things to think about.

A local skilled mover can help with state-of-the-art moving services, packing supplies, specialized shipping, and storage options. Moving Company USA can connect you with local movers who have developed a solid reputation through hard work, diligence, and professionalism. Their local moving staff will assist you pack and label boxes, supply special wooden crates for specific products, and make complete inventory before truck loading.

With real-time shipping oversight and moving supervisors to update you on your belongings, you should feel in charge of your local move. We can transfer a 3-bedroom house, studio apartment, or small shop a few blocks away. We'll propose the best local moving companies to meet your needs.

Types of Local Moving Services

Local movers provide a wide variety of services, including options for packing and unpacking, temporary storage, bespoke solutions, specialty moves, and moving protection. The following are some of the most well-known examples of them:

Local Full and Partial Packing/Unpacking

Depending on the number of rooms you're relocating and the type of belongings, you can choose full or partial packing and unpacking services. The top local movers can provide robust packing boxes for your tiny knickknacks, clothes, appliances, gadgets, valuables, and other stuff.

Partial packing might save money. Pack small and light objects using your own boxes and packing equipment, and leave heavy items to local movers.

Local movers use high-quality packing products like bubble wrap, tape, and other materials to preserve your belongings. They employ standard and custom hardwood crates and boxes to ensure goods arrives intact and on time.

Unpacking services are offered by several local moving companies. The same movers who bring your cargo to its destination will also be responsible for unloading and unpacking their crates. It's possible that putting together and disassembling your furniture and appliances will help you feel more at ease.

Truck Loading and Unloading

Moving Company USA is able to make recommendations for the best local moving firms, who they guarantee will carefully supervise all truck and van box loading procedures and ensure that all of your belongings will reach at your new home or corporate address in one piece. It is best to delegate the logistics of positioning the moving boxes in the appropriate locations and securing them so that they can survive any turbulence that may occur on the road to trained professionals.

Local Move Moving Protection Solutions

A mover should handle everything with accuracy, care, and respect, regardless of how little travel is involved or how few items you might need to transport to a new address in town. The best packing materials and protection techniques must be employed for this, including premium padding, baluster and rail covers, carpet protection, mattress protection bags, and hardwood floor runners.

Specialty Intrastate Moves

A comprehensive list of additional objects, including large pianos, small and cumbersome musical instruments, fragile gadgets, valuables, artwork, storage units, and gun safes, should all be packable by professional local movers near me.

A reliable local moving company shouldn't have any trouble customizing their services to exactly meet your demands if you need help relocating specialty products. Additionally, we can help you with any obstacles you may encounter when moving.

Competitive Local Moving Service Prices

The top local moving professionals who live and work in your community can be connected to by Moving Company USA. As a result, the relocation procedure will go more quickly because they have extensive local knowledge and experience. Local movers can offer you with prompt services at cost-effective local moving rates whether you need to relocate a full house, a small apartment, a high-rise, an office, or you need assistance with a corporate relocation.

Get a few from top companies and take your pick. Depending on the volume or weight of your load, the distance, and any additional services you might need to hire, you will be given transparent and comprehensive estimates. Use them to determine the most suitable local mover to hire, according to your budget.

Hire top local movers for your upcoming relocation across town and enjoy more peace of mind!

Moving Services


What corporate move services can I hire?

A seasoned corporate moving firm can satisfy all of your corporate move needs for your forthcoming employee moves. With the aid of your project manager, you need to be able to design the ideal moving plan with the aid of advanced packing and unpacking, truck loading and unloading, temporary storage, modular furniture disassembly and installation, or crating services.

How much does it cost to move one employee?

The rates vary from mover to mover, depending on a number of factors such as the starting point and the final destination, the volume and weight of the freight, the basic and additional services you may need, the date of the move and the list goes on.

What are capped moves?

A capped move is a special employee move that enables a transferee a set amount they can move. Any expenses above that “cap” amount will become the responsibility of the employee. The moving account manager can help the corporate company select the best services for a capped relocations so they can stay within the budget.

What are the differences between direct invoices and lump sum bills?

Direct billing turn the employer into the payer of the final corporate moving bill, whereas lump sum billing refers to the employees receiving a lump sum from the employer that will cover the moving costs, with the invoice being sent straight to the employee.

Can the movers help us set up a corporate moving plan?

Yes, professional corporate movers can assist you with corporate policy planning, capped move and lump-sum options included.

Can the movers handle my special corporate moving requests?

The best interstate moving companies we recommend for corporate moves can cover and exceed all expectations and special relocation requirements, including fully customizable services like:

  • special delivery times with expedited transit for urgent shipments
  • shuttle transportation in case overnight truck or van parking is not possible. Shuttle moving allows movers to use small trucks to collect employees’ items and goods from their homes to the local service centers, thus eliminating the need to find overnight parking solutions.
  • Crating services for moving unusual items such as sensitive items and television sets, as well as outdoor furniture disassembling that needs to be prepared for the relocation.
Is temporary storage available for corporate moves?

Yes, most movers provide temporary storage solutions that can be used by employees who need to make use of temporary housing during the relocation. The storage can run for a few days, several months or more, depending on the individual needs of the employer. Some movers rely on moving trailers that allow items to be stored straight into containers, eliminating the need for transfers.

Is portable storage possible?

Most movers provide specialized weatherproof containers made of sturdy metal that can fit into standard parking spaces, which means there is no need for additional parking spaces. Loading can also be made from the ground level.

Who handles the item packing and truck loading/unloading?

Specialized corporate movers will handle full or partial packing and unpacking services at both ends of the relocation, including truck loading and unloading of all heavy and bulky boxes. All the moving technicians you will work with have undergone industry testing and certification and their backgrounds have been thoroughly checked.

Can cars be shipped together with household goods during corporate moves?

Some movers also specialize in car shipping services, while others partner up with companies that offer these services. You will usually see these services listed along with the rest of the regular moving services and options, so you will not have to deal with several providers at the same time.