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Are you preparing for a short, exhausting transfer across state lines or a long, difficult move across the country? Moving your priceless possessions to your new house, store, or corporate address on time and according to plan is something we can help you with.

These guidelines are designed to keep customers safe from any potential dangers and hazards related to the transfer, either before or during the relocation. Therefore, it's important to understand how to carefully choose the most reliable long-distance movers and stay away from shady ones who might try to hold part or all of your belongings hostage in exchange for paying extra fees.

Why You Need a Reliable Long Distance Movers

Planning to move to a different state or city for your office or corporate business location doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. We are here to make sure the procedure is as simple and streamlined as possible, whether you are getting ready to relocate across the state or to the other side of the country for personal or professional reasons. Contact us right away, tell us everything about your long-distance move, and we'll provide you a few quick, free estimates that should exactly fit your budget.

We can also aid you in locating a top national mover to help with your needs for packing and unpacking heavy items, loading a truck, extra padding, or relocation preparation. Give us a call right away or complete our online form, and we'll put you in contact with the closest top mover in your area right away. We pledge that you will only receive the best packing, container loading and unloading, and transportation services available in the nation.

Only Choose Top-Rated Cross Country Movers

Our main objective is to connect you with the top businesses that can provide timely, safe, inexpensive, and quick delivery to all US states and remote locations, without delays or additional costs. Only the top movers who can guarantee their arrival times as specified before to hiring them are reviewed, recommended, and ranked. All of the businesses we can connect you with provide precise arrival dates at the new address, which is frequently an issue with the vast majority of subpar movers in the industry. We want to make sure that it happens as fast as humanly possible because we understand how excited you are to settle in to your new house or office.

What our top rated movers can provide you with

  • exact arrival dates and times at the new address
  • full availability on your selected moving date
  • temporary storage solutions for up to 30 days
  • free re delivery services
  • top-rated professional drivers
  • complete cross-country moving jobs
  • budget-friendly long distance moving prices
  • free, instant, zero-obligation moving price estimates for long-distance moves
  • 24/7 dedicated and friendly customer support service to answer all of your questions

Advanced Packing Solutions For State to State Moves

All of the moving companies that we have evaluated and rated on our platform operate with high-quality cushioning, packing boxes, and bespoke crates for your most fragile items. These items include electronics, mirrors, musical instruments, and pricey artifacts. During the course of the relocation, you may have peace of mind knowing that you will benefit from services of a high level that will ensure the security of your most treasured possessions.

Let Us Know Just What You Need Help With

A Moving Company USA will work with you to meticulously plan your relocation step-by-step and closely monitor everything to avoid any delays. If this is your first move, they will make sure to point you in the direction of the most effective packing and unpacking options so you may conserve valuable moving time, energy, and funds.

We will provide you with a few alluring estimates from the top movers in the United States if you provide us with the precise date of your move, your current and new addresses, and a detailed description of the services you require. Expect superior packing protection, extra padding, careful item manipulation up and down narrow flights of stairs and other challenging logistics scenarios, whether you need simple moving services, full or partial packing and/or unpacking services, temporary storage for some or all of your items, or extra padding for your fragile antique living room furniture or office supplies.

Affordable Long-Distance Prices From Top Movers

Why break your wallet when you may hire a quality local mover for a reasonable price? Choose a professional mover with years of experience to pack, secure, load, store, unload, transport, and unpack your most precious things or pricey office supplies.

With Moving Company USA, you'll get clear, honest, and complete cross-country moving quotes that consider load weight, moving distance, desired services, and any fixed fee you're ready to pay.

Long-distance relocation are unique, therefore a skilled mover will acquire all the required information before estimating.

All pricing quotes include toll and gas fees, additional packing and unpacking, packing supplies, parking, physical labor, and delivery and redelivery costs if you need temporary storage.

Call us or fill out our online form to make your cross-country move enjoyable, stress-free, and economical.

Moving Services


What is considered as a long distance move?

Any move that is farther than 50 miles away, a move to another side of the state or a move to a different state is considered as a long distance move.

Does a moving company need special license to do long distance move or an interstate move?

It depends on how far you plan on moving. For example, if you are moving to a nearby city or a neighbouring state, your items will likely be delivered in one to seven days from the previously agreed moving date. Provided you are moving long-distance, the delivery should take between two and twenty-two days, on average. If you have any special requests concerning the delivery time, feel free to have them discussed with your moving manager.

how do long distance movers charge

Usually, the sooner, the better, with four to eight weeks as an ideal time for the move to be planned and organized the right way. For a more complex corporate move for several employees at a time, you may need to plan your move even more in advance.

how much does long distance moving cost

It will normally cost less to hire a moving company during the week compared to weekends and national holidays since you can avoid peak times when movers’ prices will also go up. Summertime is also considered a more expensive time to move, as most truck renters and moving companies will charge you more.

How to choose a good long distance mover?

Usually, you could consider offering mover food provided it will take them longer than 5 to 5 hours to load all your boxes in the vans. Provided they start early in the day, their work will most likely run into lunchtime. You can either let them go eat lunch somewhere else or order pizza at your location. Either way, make sure they get the break they deserve.