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Prepared for the meticulously planned cross-state company move? Looking for some help with your last-minute planning for an interstate residential move? Moving Company USA is available to you whether you need assistance with a residential relocation or a corporate or company moving outside of the municipal limits. We assess, test, rate and review the most dependable long distance moving and local moving companies in the industry. Save yourself the pain of spending hours investigating only to hire a liar who will hold your valuable asset captive in their vehicles, containers, or makeshift storage spaces. Get in contact with us so we can provide you a few free estimates for expert moving services that provide the best short-term storage options.

Why Do You Need Professional Storage Services?

As a business manager relocating personnel or a corporate employee relocating to a new city or state, you may need short-term storage for some or all of your belongings. Why use temporary storage? The new office space may not be renovated when the movers arrive. You may not be able to sort out the new lease, rent new furniture, sign with the new electricity or gas company, etc. Or maybe your new home's tenants or owners haven't totally left. We can help you discover safe, reliable storage for your home, commercial, or corporate belongings.

How To Find Good Storage Services?

Contact us by phone or fill out our online form to get a quote for your long-distance move. Once we get in touch with you, we'll provide you a straightforward and reasonable quotation that should include any packing and unpacking, temporary storage, and any other needs you might have.

You can be confident that any movers we suggest to you will be fully qualified, skilled, reasonably priced, and dependable in terms of moving services and storage options. Work solely with movers that can offer you top-notch, secured, temperature-controlled storage containers for your short- and long-term storage needs to avoid the headache of running into con artists.

What to expect at short-term storage

  • fully-equipped warehouses and storage rooms for free temporary storage up to 30 days
  • state-of-the-art amenities such as remote monitoring via high-end cameras with movement sensors
  • temperature and humidity control sensors that will help maintain your belongings in the ideal room temperature and air humidity levels. Important papers, client files, furniture or fragile items require extra protection when being stored and the top movers we will recommend will make sure to run that extra mile for you.
  • specialized  pick-up and drop-off storage services for fragile and sensitive items at high risk of damage when transported with your other possessions
  • storage for fragile carpeting, bulky kitchen appliances, office supplies and electronics
  • security guard protection and advanced alarm systems for high levels of safety
  • double wrapping, special padding and edge protectors for ideal storage solutions
  • automated inventory and effective object retrieval solutions for fast access to your items 24/7

You might need to extend storage for your items on occasion because of unforeseen moving circumstances or for other reasons. This is simple to accomplish with the aid of long-term storage unit options, which typically begin at 90 days and vary from mover to mover, particularly in terms of the maximum storage time permitted. Make careful to discuss any potential long-term storage unit needs you may have with your mover.

Cheap Temporary Storage Units

While the majority of cross-country movers will offer free 30-day interim storage for your items, beyond that amount may, and typically will, result in charges. Additionally, there can be expenses associated with transferring from storage to your new address. The cost of storage will be determined by the quantity of items you need to store, their volume, the distance from the storage facility to your new location, any additional charges, tolls, padding that may be required, unloading at the new address, and other factors.

Moving Company USA will always put you in touch with the cheapest storage service prices provided by top-tier moving companies in your vicinity. Give us a call and let us calculate and issue your now!

Moving Services


Can a moving company store my items temporarily?

It depends on the mover; some companies exclusively offer specialized moving services such as packing, truck moving, furniture dissembling and reassembling and appliance installation at the new address. These movers do not normally have the necessary space and equipment needed to store your items. However, it is possible for a mover to take some of your belongings and store them into a distinct storage facility, while the rest of the items can be stored inside the house or commercial building. Movers that offer temporary storage solutions can do it for free for up to 30 days, or in exchange for a fee, for more than 30 days up to six months, on average.

Will my clothes get ruined in a temporary storage unit?

When placing clothes inside storage units, a mover will make sure they are accurately protected against any potentially harmful elements that could cause irreparable damage, including high levels of humidity and moisture, heat, bugs and rodents. Opt for a mover that only uses temperature-controlled storage units to further protect your clothes. Try to only use plastic bins for storage, to keep mold and mildew away. See that the boxes can be snapped shut and avoid overpacking, as this will prevent the air from naturally flowing through. Opt for dark plastic bins for temporary storage units for your clothes to prevent fading colors.

What should you never put in storage units?

Never try to store any food, hazardous items and materials, plants, wet items, pets, jewelry, cash, other valuable items or any stolen goods.

How much does a moving company charge for temporary storage?

It depends on the size of the container. On average, temporary storage costs between $100 and $200/month. Lots of top long-distance moving companies include a free 30-day temporary storage option in the moving costs. Make sure you know exactly what to expect beforehand and see if the price estimate includes any free or optional paid storage.

How can I keep pests out of my storage unit?

Poison, mousetraps and bug spray can all be used to keep pests away from your storage unit. You can also spray some peppermint oil and place them inside the boxes and drawers so you can keep critters at bay.

Should I worry about my furniture getting damaged while in storage?

Provided you need to store your furniture for a longer time (more than a few weeks) and there is no climate control option inside the storage unit, you can expect some damage to occur. To prevent it, avoid putting any furniture inside the self-storage unit while still uncovered. Use plastic wrappers, sheets and blankets to cover the furniture pieces and keep the dust and moisture at bay. Avoid using thick plastic covers or else you will risk sealing in the moisture, which will cause the furniture to swell. Drape the material over the sofa, chairs and tables and allow them to breathe.